• Lives in Lebanon. Consults everywhere.

    Jad Mehanna, Life Health and STRESS Reduction Coach

    Studied Coaching since 2008, particularly Stress Management, Stress Reduction, combined with Proper Nutrition

    Accomplished musician, since year 2000, also studied Music therapy.

    My Mission in Life is to help/guide the individual towards his/her goal and be a support for issues concerning the stress that can block one's career and LIFE.

    This era, needs a proper management of our LIFE , not managing our STRESS. The "DEJA-VU" techniques, are already OLD!

    It's a multi combination techniques that ranges from :

    -Interactive-intuitive talk, to learn about the client (the client will feel free to speak about his past or not)
    -learning proper breathing techniques!
    -mental exercises done in the office and at home, these exercises depends on the case i receive .

    Method I use are:
    NLP/ EFT and others/ dynamic speech/body exercises-Bio Dynamic exercises, CBT
    -gentle medium or heavy body exercises depending on the cases, to unleash repressed energies AND OTHERS...

    -A Professional Stress Management Coach, with Deep knowledge can know if your stress healing path, must starts from the body or the mind,
    It's a vicious cycle. but a MUST FIX.
    No one can achieve any goal without removing this toxic and sometimes, fictitionary "state"

    Without proper breathing, meditation, body techniques, postures, mental exercises
    Do not dream of removing stress by taking pills only.

    WHEN YOU GAIN CONTROL OVER YOUR MIND, then you can Move towards your goals.
    Take care of YOURSELF first.

    Certified Life and Stress Coach
    Nutrition Consultant

    Goal and success guidance

    Stress management Techniques

    Sacro- Cranial Therapist
    Structural Therapy
    Meditation and breathing for Stress
    Body movement for Stress
    Music Therapist (healing with Music)

  • What will you expect

    I pursue passions not paychecks.

    Who can benefit from MENTORING & STRESS Reduction Coaching

    Stress is the body’s natural reaction when under pressure or threat. When we are under pressure, the body will try to protect itself through releasing chemicals to the brain, adding strength and energy. However, in some circumstances when we feel overwhelmed the body can shut down. It can slow down our reactions, slow our thoughts and feelings and enhance emotions.

    For people who are particularly sensitive to stress, this excess energy can lead to:

    • anxiety
    • anger
    • depression
    • headaches
    • high blood pressure
    • insomnia.

    Common symptoms of stress can include:

    • headaches
    • fatigue
    • nausea
    • pounding heart
    • insomnia.


    • low moods
    • irritability
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • anger.


    • loss of concentration
    • poor judgment
    • negative thoughts
    • lack of interest.

    How a MENTOR/ Stress Coach can help
    I will discuss with you what may trigger these emotions, whether it is money management, housing issues, children, work or maybe other people. You may be asked to record your stressful situations, where you and the life coach can try and assess how your stress is caused and what techniques you can practice in order to manage it.

    When you have addressed your triggers, a Stress Management coach may work with you to determine your stress threshold and how much pressure you can handle. You will be able to talk about your problems and what is on your mind. Sometimes this will be all an individual needs - but a life coach can offer techniques on how to cope with the situations that put you under pressure. A Stress Management Coach will teach to understand when you are taking on too much and what stress management techniques are most effective for you

    For Best benefits
    8 session for 2 months (2 times a week) for your Benefit! and My Work! I will apply knowledge from all over the globe through my education, experience, learning, and it's much more tougher than sitting on a couch and listening as most psychologists do.

    DO you want to STAY the same?? or CHANGE???
    After many years of research, I have seen fast results with My clients, when the Approach has both Mental and Body aspects.
    Both Body And Mind are needed have a better life free of S.T.R.E.S.S

    MENTORING for Stress Reduction is not Psychology neither a "superficial coaching in the clouds :) honestly this title is frustrating) , It's not coming and going back and forth for years, HENCE the discipline is necessary, and if you don't have it yet, we will teach you!
    thank you and blessing to all

  • Ongoing!

    Life & Stress Coaching Diploma -Private Coaching

    read below /reduced prices for 2 or more

    Accredited from UK and Lebanon


     Life Coaching +Stress management Certification - Private Coaching


    Awkar american embassy road. Register asap


    Fee: 1000$ (for both life and stress coaching)
    certified from IABC lebanon

    optional (200$) accreditation from IAHT U.K

    Stress Coaching

    fee: 600$ for stress coaching

    (optional 200$) for U.K certification



    (Dietitian, physiotherapists, Dr's, anyone in the wellness/fitness domain, coaching will add value to your profession


    why not learn real-life coaching and stress coaching

    with bio-dynamic exercises, breathing, postures, and have full brand-able sheets to follow up with your client.

    trust me there is no better than a satisfied client


    Stress is a major obstacle


    This program is

    Suitable for Professional and Motivated Individuals, who have empathy and drive to help others


    This Unique course will include The standard in Life coaching, Beside my signature in STRESS coaching, not found anywhere!

    Private coaching will give you 70% More knowledge than basic Group coaching!

    Call 71928805
    Book your Free meeting,

    We take our clients/students Seriously
    it's your right to inquire, not to be checked by Phone!

    Jad Mehanna , Coach/Mentor










  • Life & Stress Coaching for Professionals

    Are you a psychologist? MD ? dietitian? trainer? wellness instructor ?

    Title Text

    Life & Stress Coaching For Professionals

    Psychologist? dietitian? MD? Trainer? wellness instructor?

    This course is specifically designed for you.

    Most Professionals, deal with their client from One angle, which at a certain point
    can affect results, Client satisfaction.


    Unlike other coaches, I have been dealing for more than 10 years
    with MD, Psychologists, Dieticians,
    and all sort of wellness trainers


    Contact 76606410, jad1mhanna@gmail.com
    The course syllabus will be sent via email only


    you are welcome to book your free appointment to discuss the program.

    (A coaching course is also available for beginners (health and stress)

    Jad Mehanna,
    Coach, Mentor/Therapist


  • My New Ebook -How To break the STRESS Cycle

    You will get 2 ebooks -8 relaxing music -3 affirmations . AN enlightening Tool kit to again happiness once again! 

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  • Stress Management Consultatncy For corporates

    For Corporate and Organizations- Get a copy of my resume. Or contact me for more info.

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    كيفية التخلص من الضغط النفسي ، وإستعادة الفرح والسلام الداخلي -شرح وحلول - كتابة جاد مهنا


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    6. لماذا يحب الجسد الحركة؟
    7. استكشاف عقلك وروحك
    8. قوة الوعي والعقل الباطن
    9. ما هو العقل؟ هل هو نفسه الدماغ؟
    10. الإختلالات العقلية
    11. السلوكين الأكثر قوة للعقل
    12. روحانية نفسك
    13. علاج نفسك جسدياً وذهنياً
    14. مفاهيم خاطئة شائعة
    نصائح عملية لإستعادة الوضوح والعقلانية

    إلى كل القراء:
    الآن وقد بات بعضٌ منكم يألف قناتي FB@stress.coach1
    أود أن اُشارككم هذا الكتيب المضاد للتوتر.

    إن إيجاد طريقة لحل مشكلة التوترليس أمراً هيناً بالفعل ولكن هذه الأيام بات التوتر شيئاً مهيباً حتى ظن أغلب البشر أنه لعنة يستحيل التخلص منها.

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